It's time to get heated up.


It will do you good.

You have probably heard that it is healthy to go to the sauna. But why is that? The skin heats up in the sauna like it does when you have a fever. In turn, the body activates its immune cells: the blood vessels dilate, heart rate decreases by 50%, the respiratory rate increases, and the muscles relax.  

Opening hours

Sauna area

Sauna: daily open from 2.00 - 8.00 pm
Garden sauna: 3.00 - 8.00 pm

Our sauna is a no-clothing, relaxation area.
All guests 15 and older are invited to come and relax here.


Fragrant wood

and soothing warmth

Sweating flushes out excess weight from the body. A session in the sauna is also good for the respiratory tract. By relaxing in the sauna, you are strengthening your immune system. At Gut Stiluppe, you can choose among the steam bath, the alpine sauna in the garden, and the Finnish bio sauna. 

Or you can visit all 3 for a double dose of health. 

Feeling of weightlessness

Beautiful wellness days

If you want to cool off after your visit to the sauna, you will find an opportunity to do so in the traditional, charming water trough handmade out of wood in the garden - refreshing cold water for the arms and legs. Now you are ready for your next sauna session!