Stiluppe Stuben

The Zillertal à la carte

In our à la carte restaurant in the old Stiluppe Stuben you will enjoy the tasteful Zillertal at its best - regional, authentic and genuine.

In addition to classics such as the "Wiener Schnitzel" and the "Zwiebelrostbraten", the genuine Zillertal cuisine is at home with us. Experience and enjoy regional delicacies such as "Krautspatzlang, Schliachternudeln, Zerggl, Tyrolean Gröstl, Ofenleber, Erdäpfelblattln, Groigg'n, a Reaschtl" (which is how the Kaiserschmarren is called here), "Schwammerlgulasch, Moosbeerzerggl" and much more.

The menu changes regularly and is adapted to the season. Because we use what grows in our garden, in the woods and in the meadows, and we source only the best hay and farm butter from the Zillertal.