What starts well, continues well


The history of our hotel

700 years is a long time. Even in the state of Tyrol, which is rich in tradition. We are even prouder that Gut Stiluppe can look back on centuries of history in this unique location.  

Back then, it was interest-bearing and documented in records. What might life have been like in the year 1645? Peter Schragl and Unda Kuntner started a family there and laid the foundation for the Gutshof. The farm was called the Stilluppe through the centuries, and it later offered food and accommodations to guests.  

Binder-Egger family

Your hosts

The Binder-Egger family shows great appreciation for this legacy and feels honored that the new "Gut Stiluppe" has been part of the ZillerSeasons since 2022 - and its values and traditions in terms of the considerate use of Tyrol's most valuable resources will be continued.  


People have felt right at home here for a very long time. And they will continue to do so.