Happiness suits you

Gut Stiluppe garden

At Gut Stiluppe in the Zillertal, not only can you swim in the pool, but you can also immerse yourself in the color green. Our lovely south-facing garden with fruit trees really blossoms and radiates beauty. And it is a magnet for all those seeking peace & quiet. 

Warm summer evenings

Moments in nature

Gut Stiluppe Garten | SommerGarten Sommer | Good Life Hotel Gut Stiluppe

On warm evenings, the crickets chirp softly, the crystal-clear water in the trough ripples peacefully, and the only sound that can be heard is a deep, contented sigh.  

That comes from our guests, who have made themselves comfortable on one of the loungers. 

Gartensauna | Garten im Sommer | Gut Stiluppe

Connected with nature

A garden of paradise

At all times of the day, you can feel connected to and grounded in nature in our garden of paradise. The view of the fields is open and unobstructed, and the mountains rise majestically not too far away - the Grünberg, Ahorn. and Penken. Anyone who spends time here can feel the harmony and deep-rooted power. And maybe take a little home with you. 

Refreshing water

Charming water trough

Hop out of the sauna - and into the water! This is possible in the magnificently beautiful garden of Gut Stiluppe: this is where you will find the cozy alpine sauna made of wood and right next to it is the rustic, handmade trough with crystal-clear Tyrolean spring water.  

After working up a sweat in the sauna, you can cool off your arms and legs here and enjoy a traditional alpine feeling.

Brunntrog | Gartensauna | Sommer | Good Life Hotel Gut Stiluppe