Feeling rejuvenated can be a good thing.

Treatments & applications

This is how beauty works: it is said to come from within. Of course, this means that people who are in harmony with themself have a special radiance. And it's true: if you are balanced and content, you can see this on the outside - that's why the treatments in the Stilupper Spa have a positive effect in a double sense. They beautify on the outside and relax within. 

In good hands

Treatments & applications

Being in good hands is not just a saying but a reality here:

Our masseurs loosen tense muscles using every trick in the book.

Valuable oils and certified natural cosmetics

Natural ingredients

We work with valuable oils and certified natural cosmetics to care for your skin, nourish it with natural ingredients, and restore radiance.  

We would be happy to create an ideal beauty program for you or even better: your very own fountain of youth.