Sports and fitness at Gut Stiluppe

Fitness room

We mean well by mind and body

You can continue to use the momentum you bring with you from the Zillertal mountains in Gut Stiluppe: our fitness room is available for strength and endurance training. 

If you want to do something good for yourself in the evenings or when the weather is bad and are in the mood to exercise, you will find a treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, and opportunities for weight lifting in the fitness room.

Cardiovascular system & muscles

Training sessions

Thanks to wall bars, an exercise ball, and gym mats, you can exercise in peace and at your own pace to stimulate the cardiovascular system and tone your muscles. 

And afterwards, you can contentedly sigh "Well done"! 

Individual fitness with a trainer

Good for the fascia

You can book a personal trainer at the Good Life Hotel Gut Stiluppe for intensive training that is individually tailored to your body. One of our unique features is our fascia training, which relaxes the muscles and makes the tissues more flexible in order to relieve tension and prevent injuries.